Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lake St. George Kayak Rating

St. George Lake
St. George Lake is the fourth largest lake in Waldo County, Maine. It is in the township of Liberty, on the western side of the county. Lake St. George State Park is on the northwest shore of the lake. Wikipedia
This is another very picturesque state park. There is a very nice swimming area and many places for campers. There's a boat ramp just past the park entrance, if you're heading west, but you can launch kayaks from a small cove just to the right of the beach. It takes a few awkward steps to actually get down into the water but it's certainly doable and convenient.
 It's about a two-foot drop off, so watch your step.    

You can see the folded blue WindPaddle on the front of my white kayak. It was a windy day, so it got its first workout. There's an earlier post on that subject, along with video.
 The boat ramp

 Beach area

The park has it's share of wildlife including ducks, geese, and loons.
 There are still many sights to see on Lake St. George, and we'll be happy to revisit.


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