Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kayak Review for Seven Tree Pond

"Seven Tree Pond stretches across 528 acres from Union to Warren. It’s a natural part of the St. George River, which flows toward saltwater in Thomaston Harbor. The maximum depth of Seven Tree Pond is 45 feet, with a mean depth of 24 feet. The water quality is below average. Round Pond is located entirely in the town of Union. Its 255 acres is accessible via canoe by paddling up the outlet from Seven Tree Pond. With a maximum depth of 34 feet and a mean depth of 17 feet, the principal fisheries are largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white perch and chain pickerel." ( http://blog.mrlakefront.net/2012/04/01/the-ponds-of-union-maine-seven-tree-crawford-and-round-pond/ )

We like this pond. It has a small beach, decent facilities (port-a-potties, but they're in an actual building, are changed regularly, and don't stink), and picnic/grilling areas. As you can see from the map, Seven Tree also accesses Round Pond; a trip we have yet to take, although we did cross under the bridge today, so I suppose we were technically there.

Seven Tree has a nice energy feel, and there is "stuff" to look at.  Of course, as with most Maine lakes/ponds, there are loons. There is also a public boat launch. For some reason we were mobbed, literally, by mosquitoes during set up. This was really the first time we've ever encountered such a problem; it wasn't an issue last year. Might have been the time of day, since were were there before the sun was really out full bore.  As it got higher, the mosquitoes got fewer!


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