Wednesday, July 2, 2014

China Lake, Vassalboro Kayak Rating


Rating for China Lake, East Vassalboro Launch: 3 KAYAKS
This section of China Lake is a drinking water supply and therefore certain actions, like swimming, are prohibited. It is pretty, clean, has an outhouse and a good launch.  But, while looking at trees is pleasant, nothing but trees gets a little boring after a while. There is some small motorboat traffic as fishing is allowed. The noise of auto traffic, although certainly not continuous, can be heard quite a ways out on the lake. Basically, not much to see or do and would probably not return to this section.  There is another launch on the other end, and maybe we'll check that out someday.
The best part?  The two gentlemen we passed the time of day with in the parking lot both before and after paddling. We hope one's granddaughter finishes school and moves out soon! 

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