Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kayak Review for Lower Damariscotta Lake

There is a public boat launch off Rte 213 in Jefferson, maybe 10 miles south of the state park on the west side of the lake. Plenty of parking, but, as of this writing, anyway, there's no toilet facility on site. There is a pad where one might have been located, but it stands empty. Hopefully, this will be corrected, as it is the only negative we can find to this location.

Quiet, peaceful, and picturesque are the words that come to mind. There are power boats on the lake, but they are not any kind of nuisance. This end of the lake is narrower than up by the park, making it easy to get from shore to shore. There are lots of little "nooks and crannies" to explore.  This is a location worth several visits because it's just a pleasant place to be.

It really needs a toilet facility!

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