Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kayak Review for Camden Harbor

Camden Harbor is, to me, the quintessential image of coastal Maine. It's a place we go to often for breakfast, shopping, and just because it's a nice place to be. While there is a public boat launch, the parking is quite a distance from it, and there are no facilities. But for kayakers, that's no problem; just go to the public beach a few minutes from the town center. There are restrooms by the parking area.

(Oh, and might it be appropriate to mention here that ever since we started kayaking, there's been a steady refrain of "I want to kayak in Camden Harbor"? -D)

Here are two views of the beach/launch area:

It's a steep drop to the beach and for this reason we have to take off a half kayak in the rating.

The interior of the harbor is to the left which opens to Penobscot Bay to the right.

Heading into the harbor.

The outer harbor area.

That's the library in the background.

There are always 2 or 3 masted schooners at dock.
There are some massive yachts here.

Not a bad cottage!

The homes are are quite beautiful.

Heading out into the bay.

Better not start a fire in that fireplace!

 More photos are posted in the Pages section of the blog. Clearly, this is a beautiful place to visit. You can dock and take in the wonderful restaurants and shop the quaint stores. Of course, many things here are pricey, but most of the shops carry high quality, often locally made, items.


NOTE: The video is a little shaky. Waves will do that.

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