Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On Clary Lake with the SeaEagle

First day out in 2014 found us back at Clary in order to test out the new SeaEagle 330. Clary's not huge and the relatively low water level means it's not loaded with boat traffic. For the first go with the SeaEagle, we wanted clear and calm conditions.

The SeaEagle is a slightly bigger kayak than the Challenger. It's more open, almost canoe-like, and it seems that it would be better for long-legged people. It still weighs only 26 pounds. Inflation is very quick and easy. We got the more expensive seat for better back support and it truly does provide good support. The seat has a fabric cover and is not as hot as vinyl seats. It does, however, change your center of gravity; adjusting to that took some time. We also bought the QuikSail to use with this kayak, but, as it was dead calm, we haven't tried it yet.  Just a note: to use the sail on the 330, the deluxe seat is required.

The SeaEagle has an affixed double skeg and tacks quite well. It really does glide effortlessly on the water. Deflating was amazingly fast and it folded up nicely to store in the bag we bought to hold it.

This is the boat launch at Clary.

A view of the calm waters at Clary.

Once we've tried the SeaEagle in a broader range of conditions, we'll share further thoughts.

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